Thursday, July 15, 2010


Ganesh Babu Chembeyil’s paintings are always in search of polyphony. It stands against the minimized academic concepts of art. In each of his paintings, there is a complex analyzation of colours and is applied into the space with a different pattern. This is a’ hyperrealisation of real colour ’as the contemporary art critic Peter Halley said. Ganesh Babu’s treatment and improvisations enable him to share a fraternity with today’s painters like Bruce Newman, Richard Turtile, Eva Hesse, Biplab Dalai.,C.K Behra,C.H. Manohar…etc.

Through a spontaneous expressivity, he is trying to rediscover colours and content in every painting. He hesitates to fall into categories like still life, figurative, landscape, abstract, ethnic…. ’Fallen Hibiscus’,’Dancing God’,’Golden Comb’,’After Warly’,’Praris-1’,Paris-11
’…. all these creations are sheer examples for this. He is experimenting with different devices like splattered, stained, poured and the emphasis of brush strokes. The openness in his approach leads him to freewheeling usage of paint,-texture and surface. Most of the time it focused on hermeneutics and psychological interior.

From the 90s onwards, in art also a democratization happened, like in other fields of culture. The concept of art slowly escaped from the kinds of Fauvism, Surrealism, Expressionism, Cubism…and so on. And a break from Modernism was apparent. Artists of our time are trying to stamp, at the same time,the contradictions, complexities and freshness originated from such a break. Ganeshbabu’s works are also part of this new phenomenon and its limitations and scope.


Lives and works in India and France.

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